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Keratin Hair Treatment in Salon

Why is Global Keratin The Best Hair System?

The Global Keratin or GK hair treatment is the latest enhancement application to make a list in haircare solutions. While many keratin therapies are available, including the popular straightening technique, the Brazilian Blowout, the GK system introduces a formaldehyde-free formulation that has got tails wagging considering the results.

Global Keratin is also for all hair types, so whether you have straight hair or curly hair, you can benefit from the treatment. Its primary benefit is in softening and taming frizz. Even straight long hair can deal with endless frizz making it challenging to handle, besides annoying fly-aways. With Keratin based therapy, the hair is treated to achieve an even, supple, and smooth result. So why is Global Keratin the best hair system? We take a closer look at the ways this revolutionary hair care treatment is transforming everyday hair.

What is the GK System?

The GK hair taming system includes Juvexin that consists of a deep keratin conditioning solution. The unique formulation has an intensive hydrating and straightening effect that can last up to 5 months.

It does not contain Formaldehyde and is free from a multitude of harsh chemicals used in other types of hair straightening therapies. It must be applied by an experienced and dedicated salon professional and can take up to 3 hours to produce the desired outcome.

Who is the GK System for?

The GK treatment is for anyone who desires shiny, tamed, and frizz-free locks. While it is a straightening technique, it may not change very curly hair into a straight pin condition. Instead, it softens and smoothes the curl for a soft and natural wave.

It is also suitable for those who have colored their hair multiple times, including the use of bleach. Hair that is tired, dull, and lacks luster can benefit from the intensive Juvexin formulation. Whether frizz and untamed tresses owing to color damage or in response to adverse weather conditions, the new therapy helps smooth and straighten your hair.

How Does the GK System Work?

To achieve the best results, the GK system is best implemented by a trusted salon professional. Based on an assessment of your hair type and condition, they can advise on the treatment’s suitability.

GK Hair is delivered in a salon. A set of GK products are used during the application process, with each product applied to a strand of hair. After some time, the hair is washed and carefully blow-dried. The hairstylist will then use a flat-iron to heat each section of hair and ensure the product is locked in.

The process is repeated until a sleek and shiny result is achieved. The application will take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours to lock in the moisture and bond the keratin treatment to the curls. The outcome includes luscious locks that are straight, shiny, supple, and easy to style.

How to Care for GK Treated Hair

Once you have received the therapy, your hairstylist will advise on the steps to take to maintain your hair’s new condition for as long as possible. Hair must not be tugged or tied and should not be washed for 24 to 48 hours. GK products are best applied to keep the hair from frizzing. It also maintains its sleek and smooth consistency once the treatment is successfully delivered.

Hair will feel soft to the touch, and even after a regular wash and blow-dry, you will notice the remarkable difference in the texture and manageability. It is essential that the GK products are used after treated hair.

Why GK Hair is the Best System?

Whether thin hair or thick hair, long, short, curly, or straight, the benefit of the GK hair treatment is its versatility can be applied to all hair types and will provide a softer, more manageable state. While the GK system can create straight hair, it is primarily a smoothing treatment.

It will soften curls and waves, and help you style your tresses with ease and can be applied on hair that was formerly bleached or colored.

It contains a keratin formulation that penetrates deep into the cuticle for softness and beautiful shine.

Consult with a Salon Professional for the Best GK Hair Therapy

To ensure you receive the best results, it is important that you visit a salon experienced in applying the product.

The assistance of a trained hairstylist will help determine the compatibility of the product and whether it is the right option for your haircare needs. If you are considering a straightening therapy without the use of harsh chemicals or Formaldehyde, then the GK system could be for you. As the company guarantees the quality of its products and provides a list of its ingredients, you can try the new taming system to ensure that your locks are shiny and luscious.