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The Top 10 Balayage Hair Color Trends for 2020

The Top 10 Balayage Hair Color Trends for 2020

2020 has seen some of the most radical and bold hairstyles trends, and with color making a comeback, the balayage is the new style solution for vibrant, fun, and modern hairstyles. Whether going into the New Year or changing with the season, there is no better time to change your hair color with a contemporary creation that is also on-trend. The balayage hair color involves the graduated application of color on the top of the head for a full yet naturally highlighted appearance. It does not include fine highlights that are usually wrapped in foil to produce a streaked look, but rather the entire top of the head is painted with sweeps of color for a fuller, dimensional effect. 

Balayage Hair StyleThe Popularity of the Balayage in 2020

The balayage has grown exponentially in popularity as it provides less maintenance compared to other types of hair color applications. The purpose of the unique hair trend is to create a highlighted or textured look that allows roots to grow out naturally without a chopped or streaky appearance.

As fewer products are used, it is also considered less damaging to the hair. Clients can go up to 6 months without requiring a repeated hair color, but this depends on the particular balayage and the rate of regrowth. The trendy style is fully customized to suit the unique needs of the client. Every balayage is designed to compliment and accentuate the natural hair color of the client. This makes it much easier to manage and provides the graduated appearance that enhances your overall look. With the skill and expertise of a natural hair stylist, you can achieve a gorgeous color effect to remain on-trend.

Balayage Short HairThe Best Balayage Color Combinations for 2020

The balayage has become popular among celebrities and made its way into 2020’s hair color trends because of the versatility and uniqueness. It is softer and blends more easily compared to an ombre or highlights, making it the simplest enhancement to maintain.

The style has also grown in popularity because it can be applied to any type of hair. Whether straight or curly, you can look fabulous with a professionally created balayage.

Balayage Hair Style 2The Smoky Balayage

A smoky balayage is popular because it is soft, romantic, and feminine. Providing greater texture and flow compared to a traditional ombre, one of the most commonly sought color combinations is dark roots with honey blonde or light blonde sweeps of color. Applied to frame the face and the top of the head, this unique style has become incredibly popular among major celebrities. The smoky blonde effect is best complemented by medium brown hair color or a dark blonde. 

The Smokey BalayageBrown and Blonde

Undoubtedly the most popular, the combination of warm brown and rich blonde has taken the world by storm. This unique style of balayage will add softness but also dimension to an otherwise uniform color of hair.

Brown and Blond BalayageRich Red

One of the simplest ways to improve the warmth of auburn or red hair is to add a balayage. Soft shades of a light brown to honey blonde are perfect for medium to auburn shades, while complementary colors involving a lighter red hue will enhance the red appearance and the texture of tresses. If you have natural red hair color, then copper additions to frame the face will provide the femininity that you seek.

For red hair, it is crucial to have a salon professional advise on the best shades when going lighter.

Balayage Rich Read

Ash Blonde

Blending lighter and paler tones of ash blonde may create a dramatic enhancement but also softens the face. The combination of warm and cool colors will complement most skin tones and produces a sense of romanticism. It is an excellent addition to dark blonde hair.

Ash Blande Balayage


For brown hair with a Mahogany base, adding sweeps of amber can improve your overall look. Rather than apply blonde to a mahogany shade, the amber coloring produces the appropriate shade combinations that enhance and will not detract from your original or natural shade. It is a suitable choice for the summer, without the ongoing maintenance of highlights.

Mohagany BalayageWhy the Balayage

The Balayage is a beautiful combination of colors that all shades and hair types can benefit from. Depending on your natural roots and the amount of maintenance you wish to apply, your trusted hairstylist can advise on the techniques and the shades that will best suit your color needs.

The balayage is a modern and trendy take on sprucing up your original shade. It is best performed by a salon professional experienced in creating striking balayages that are attractive and will suit your complexion. Its ease of maintenance and naturally highlighted appeal have contributed to its incredible popularity across the globe.