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Trending Hair Styles for Women

The Next Big Thing in Trending Hair Styles for Women

If you feel inspired by a unique color or dare to be different with stylish locks, our trending hairstyles for women are just for you! Our salon experts have searched far and wide to bring the best colors and haircuts for women to the fore. From the red carpet to everyday appeal, we present 2020’s best styles for modern, vibrant, and unique women.

How Pixie Haircuts are making a Comeback

The pixie cut has made a significant transformation from its previously simple and boyish look to its Rock Star chic and exciting style for women of all ages. Not only is the pixie cut easy to maintain and a pleasure during the hot summer months, but with the inclusion of undercuts, bold layers, and creative color, the short and cute hairstyle for women is sure to turn heads.

This season, women over 50 are rocking the stylish pixie cut with flair. A light feathered cut adds texture while soft layers add dimension. Introducing a few highlights can help prevent noticeable grays while also refreshing your overall look for a youthful appeal.

The pixie cut with an edge includes a bob haircut with shaved sides and a layered look. Hair can be colored a platinum or silver for a stylish and on-trend result.

The undercut, paired with a pixie hairstyle, is making waves in women’s 2020 hair trends. The undercut includes shaving one or both sides of your head with intriguing patterns. You can also leave a pixie cut longer on the top to curl the hair with a curling iron and create soft spring-like curls or waves.

Cute Hairstyles that are Simple to Achieve

For a cute hairstyle that is really easy to manage, consider the blunt bob. Whether blonde, brown or black hair, the blunt bob is best-worn pin-straight and can complement bangs. Platinum and ice blonde colors add to the fashion-forward trend as the neutral shades are easily paired with contemporary apparel. You can dress a blunt bob for a high-end look or wear it casually for a rock chic appearance. Combine color and a bob haircut for a cute hairstyle that is fashionable and easy to manage.

Long hairstyles have always been on-trend, but for an innovative and trendy take, combine your long, sleek locks with full bangs. Bangs are making a major return to the hair industry, and when combined with a long, straight look, it enhances the eyes and provides a frame for the face. Full or curtain bangs are the most popular 2020 hairstyle trend.

For perfectly crafted bangs, it is best to visit your salon professional who can create the most suitable hairstyle for your needs.

Cute hairstyles for women include a soft bob with gentle waves or curls. The soft bob with a moderate wave, adds texture and is excellent for volumizing thin hair. The short cut is easy to manage and can be enhanced with a creative color to complement your complexion and character.

Easy Hairstyles for 2020

The year is all about hairstyle simplicity, and well put together look, which is anything but boring! We know that straight, waves and curly hair look gorgeous, but it can take some time and effort to achieve a salon finish. Simple hairstyles for 2020 are about doing something different from your regular hair routine while enhancing your overall style.

The side ponytail is making a comeback in a big way. Create a chic and fun look by changing how you comb your hair and add a slicked-back ponytail to the side. Your ponytail can hang low for a simple style or high up on your head for a retro look.

Another easy hairstyle that has grown in popularity includes braids. For thin hair, add volume by first teasing, then braiding for a neat, hassle-free yet sophisticated appeal. There are many different types of braids from single plaits to wrapping the braids around your head and into a bun.

This year’s looks are about simplicity and hassle-free hair while maintaining a fun and appealing hairstyle. With so many techniques and ideas for fresh hairstyles, you can transform your everyday look without spending hours flat ironing or applying products.

The Best Hairstyles for Women in 2020

From the cute pixie cut to the long and sleek styles for women, 2020 is all about doing something different that inspires while best complements your personality. Hair is all about having fun but also discovering ways to enhance your look while ensuring it remains easy to maintain. Your salon professional can advise on the cut, color, and style to best suit your needs.

For a transformation or trendy haircut, visit your trusted hairstylist, and you could be donning one of 2020’s most impressive hairstyles.