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Professional Salon Blow dry

Achieve volume, sleek and gorgeous hair with The Blowout Doctor! Valerie specializes in blow-drying with star quality results, ensuring your tresses are beautiful, bouncy, and blown to perfection.

The effectiveness of blow drying your hair is in the skill of your salon professional. After a shampoo and conditioning treatment, the blow dry is the next stage in the hair transformation and enhancement process. When you have a professional hairstylist on your side, you know she will work her magic to produce a full-bodied and smooth hair result.

What is the Best Blow-Drying Technique?

The best blow-drying practice will not burn or damage your hair. It will not pull and break locks or increase its brittleness once blown. A professional technique assures shiny and silky hair that is strong and resilient.

Incorrect blow-drying methods can leave hair looking dry and frayed. It increases fragility and leaves most applying silicone or conditioning agents to eliminate frizz and fly-aways. Fortunately, salon artist skills combined with the best heat styling products, will create impeccable results when drying and transforming the look and manageability of locks.

The Frequency of Blow-Drying

A blowdry does not only have to be performed after a wash and cut. You can come in for a dry blow that includes blow-drying dry hair where body and suppleness are desired. It is also a fast and effective way to eliminate frizz.

Thicker tresses can benefit tremendously from blow-drying at the salon a few times per week. It creates smoothness and allows you to manage your hair with ease. It is also recommended for those with thin hair who wish to add volume.


Change Your Hairstyle with a Professional Blow Dry


Whether wet or dry locks, if you want a side path, straight or curly hair, then professional blow-drying is the best way to achieve these results.

Valerie is The Blowout Doctor for a good reason. With her flick of the wrist, creativity, and salon-quality styling tools, she can create magic when blow-drying your hair. Whether your tresses are curly or pin-straight, she can manage any texture and style, helping you transform your look without major cuts, clips, or trims.


Achieve Gorgeous Hair with Valerie, The BlowOut Doctor


Valerie is your leading salon artist with exceptional experience and skill in beautifying blow-drying techniques. No matter the length or texture of your hair, she is a salon artist who is a master in her craft. Whether you need weekly styling or blow-drying for a special event, Valerie is the one you can rely on for transformative results.

Book your next blow-drying session with Valerie today


In consultation with The Blowout Doctor, she will advise on the best styles based on ease of maintenance, hair length, and condition.

Only the The Blowout Doctor can create a luxurious and pampering hair drying experience with fantastic results!