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Ombre Hair

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Beautifully Done Ombre Hair


The ombre has made its hair trend debut in the last decade as creativity, and exceptional color products have contributed to diverse, versatile, and stylish enhancements. The ombre is recognized as a hair shadow or gradation where two different shades are blended between the top of the head and the mid to bottom section of hair. Whether you prefer lighter tops and darker bottoms or vice versa, discover the secret to the most beautiful ombres with The Blowout Doctor.


The Beauty of Ombre


Undoubtedly one of the biggest hair trends among celebrities, the ombre is here to stay. Its successive blend of color is what has contributed to its favorability and the beauty it offers. When the correct color combinations are blended for a seamless look, it adds sophistication and a contemporary appearance.

The Ombre Vs. Balayage


An ombre uses specialized color techniques to graduate from one shade on the top of the head to the tips. Hair generally transitions from dark to light but often includes a bold light to dark transition. The balayage is the process of highlighting the hair with a single or multi-dimensional shade from the top to the bottom of hair in sweeping or paint-like applications.


Simple Hair Maintenance


The ombre is one of the easiest color improvements to soften your features or add a bold statement to your personal style. It is also simple to maintain as it allows for a complementary gradation of hair as the hair grows. Lighter ends will simply remain near the ends and can be trimmed as the length increases.


Ombre Enhancement


A simple and effective way to manage the ombre and create a refreshed look is will highlights. The Blowout Doctor will add complementary highlights to create a seamless blend between the color-treated tresses and the regrowth.


Discover Ombre Inspiration with Valerie, The BlowOut Doctor


Valerie is a salon stylist with immense experience in beautifying and complementary color techniques. She can help you achieve a soft and subtle ombre or a dramatic transformation depending on the change you seek. From light shades of brunette blending into caramel or golden ends to darker brunettes enhanced by auburn tips, the options are endless.

When you consult with Valerie, she can advise on the most beautiful ombres and color combinations. By working with her clients and listening to your needs, Valerie will help you with incredible color blends and quality salon products to maintain a high shine, tangle-free appeal.