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Kids Haircuts

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Professional Kids Haircuts


While children would much prefer to run and play rather than sitting in a chair for a haircut, Valerie, The Blowout Doctor, makes kids haircuts interesting and fun with a friendly and professional salon quality service. By understanding the needs of children and their parents’ interests, Valerie prioritizes her young clients with trendy, neat, and immaculate hairstyles for every length, texture, and condition.

Children can have their tresses shampooed, treated, blow-dried, and trimmed. By creating an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, Valerie will ensure the cutest haircuts and styling solutions suited to the classroom, the holidays, or a particular event.

The Best Kids Haircuts


For a precision trim and perfect haircut for girls and boys, it is important that a fun environment is created where kids feel comfortable. Valerie goes the extra mile to ensure children understand their new hairstyles by making them part of the process. With her unparalleled experience, she is equipped to help parents whose children dislike getting their hair trimmed and snipped.

Kids’ haircuts are available in a range of wonderful styles. As the professional, The Blowout Doctor can create perfectly trimmed and easy to manage hairstyles for young ones.


Beautiful Bobs and Pixie Cuts


If you are looking for a short and simple hairstyle that is easy to manage, the bob and pixie cut are great options for young ones. Depending on the thickness of hair, Valerie can create long or short bobs and pretty pixie styles that enhance facial features and bring out the best in your child.




All girls and boys can benefit from hair trims. It is the best way to maintain a healthy condition while retaining the desired length. Trimming the ends on long hair can get rid of split ends and minimize tangles after shampoos.

For boys, a trim on lengthier and thicker strands is a necessity. It prevents hair from falling into their eyes and will keep locks looking healthy and neat.


Long Hairstyles


Longer hair can be neatly trimmed and maintained and cut short. Provide children with a summer cut or neat trim for the winter months. If you have a particular style in mind, you can discuss it with Valerie, who can advise on the best ways to achieve beautiful haircuts for kids.


Call Valerie to Make Your Next Appointment


Valerie is an experienced and expert hairstylist who is knowledgeable in creating manageable and gorgeous haircuts for children.

Make getting a haircut a fun and rewarding experience for you and your kids when you book your next consultation with Valerie, The Blowout Doctor.