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Half Head Highlights

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Professional Half Head Highlights


For the client who desires the dimension and tonality of color without committing to a full set of highlights, the half head highlights technique can deliver just the right degree of enhancement you desire. Partially highlighted hair is growing as a popular hair trend because it is simple to maintain and adds a sun-kissed appearance. Whether you are looking for a simple way to create a glow or wish to touch-up your full head of highlights, the option of half head highlights can deliver spectacular results.

Partial highlights will only partly cover your head. It is recommended for those who do not have a very dark base shade or wish to have their full highlights retouched.

If you are considering partial highlights vs. a full set of highlights, the following tips can help you make the best decision.


Why Choose Half Head Highlights?


Full or partial highlights are determined by your current hair color and your hair color goals. Partially highlighted hair is ideal for blondes who desire brighter tones and dimensions while making hair appear lighter. No matter your blonde hair type, you can transform your tresses into a sun-kissed goddess with an expert salon stylist on your side.

As half head highlights are best for a subtle enhancement, it is not advised for those who wish to brighten or lighten a darker shade. For brunettes who want to make the transition to blonde, a full head of highlights is needed.

Partially highlighted hair is just enough to brighten your complexion while improving the movement and the tone of short or long locks.


How to Maintain Partial Highlights


Partially highlighted hair requires a higher standard of maintenance than a full set of highlights, an ombre or balayage. For base shades of blonde, maintenance is simpler than darker colors of natural or dyed hair.

The half set of highlights is best for improving a current set of full highlights. It rejuvenates the depth and vibrancy of hair shades with lighter and lifted tones. It is also a great way to enhance your complexion.


Visit the BlowOut Doctor for Gorgeously Highlighted Hair


For the perfect partial highlights, consult with the best salon artist, Valerie, The Blowout Doctor. Valerie introduces a range of beautiful hair enhancement services that create an attractive dimension to lighter base colors.

Whether you need a touch-up or wish to achieve a sun-kissed appeal, speak to The Blowout Doctor, Valerie. With her exceptional skill and a keen eye for detail, you can say goodbye to bad hair days for good.