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Hair Toner

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The Best Toner for Your Hair


Is your hair brassy, too warm, or simply an unflattering shade? If you need some serious hair SOS, it is time to speak to The Blowout Doctor hairstylist and color specialist Valerie.

To knock out brass streaks and restore the color integrity of your hair, toner is the solution. It helps neutralize the orange and unnatural shades caused by bleaching or lightening hair over time. With the right choice of toning products, you will see your hair transform before your eyes into a complementary and gorgeous shade!


Why Tone Your Hair?


When you have lightened your hair, it can create orange, brassy, or yellow tones that are unfavorable and unnatural. A toner is a simple and effective way to add dimension and beauty to your tresses. Toners are commonly applied to blonde; however, it can also improve shades of brunette and red hair.

When changing your hair color from brunette to blonde or adding highlights from dark to lighter tones, using the neutralizing product is best. It eliminates the brassiness and the harsh yellow colors for a seamless and beautiful result.

The salon toners possess a stronger pigment than the neutral shades you will find on a salon shelf. This makes your professional range more effective and long-lasting without causing additional damage to dry and brittle hair.


The Benefits of Toning Tresses


Toners are available in an assortment of colors, making it one of the best ways to achieve the desired shade. New salon products incorporate nourishing and natural ingredients, making it more effective than a full color on top of pre-lightened hair.

For the best results, toners are applied to the entire head from root to tip. Modern applications are available in multi-dimensional shades, which creates depth and body. Toning your tresses does not mean a boring and uniform color. When consulting with your salon hairstylist, you can discuss the shades you wish to bring out in your lightened locks.


Why Choose Professional Toning Services


A professional toning service ensures the correct color combinations are applied to produce the desired shade. It requires expertise in colors that are complementary and neutralize another on the opposite end of the color spectrum.


Speak to Valerie, the BlowOut Doctor for the Best Toners


For individualized toning solutions, consult with Valerie, The Blowout Doctor. Her attention to detail and knowledge of precision hair color combinations ensures the desired hair shade is achieved. Valerie has worked with her clients in determining the appropriate hair color to be achieved together. With her advice concerning enhancing your lightened shade of hair, you can remove the brass and feel confident about your color choices.