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Hair Color Correction

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hair color correction

The hair color correction services performed by our expert color stylist, Valerie will transform uneven and harsh pigments into uniform shades characteristic of a fresh salon finish.

When coloring at home goes wrong, or a former hairstylist fails to apply the desired shade of dye correctly, it can lead to brassy, orange, and uneven color distribution. Fortunately, The Blowout Doctor can help you achieve a gorgeous color to suit your preferences and personality.

If your current shade is too warm, too cool, too dark, or too bright, consult with The Blowout Doctor. She has the skill, product selection, and the technique to restore your hair’s uniform beauty with remarkable results.


What is a Color Correction Service?


A hair color correction performed by salon professional serves to neutralize hair that is brassy or create an even result. The method to restore the uniform appearance of hair will depend on the color that needs to be corrected, and the time it will take to achieve the desired result.

Valerie will assess the hair condition to determine the best approach to improving the overall shade. We provide a variety of products, including semi-permanent and permanent colors, to deliver a suitable correction.


Contact Us for a Color Correction Consultation


If you need a color correction, simply call The Blowout Doctor, and schedule a consultation. Our professional hair stylist will assist with quality products and techniques to restore the beauty and integrity of your precious locks.