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GK The Best Hair System

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GK – The Best Hair System

The Blowout Doctor specializes in the GK Hair Treatment. Developed to tame unruly hair with sleek results, our experienced and certified salon expert will apply GK The Best Hair System for hair that is transformed and easy to manage. GK is a formaldehyde-free application, making it a popular choice for hair straightening.

What is the Global Keratin Hair System?

The GK Hair Treatment or System is a semi-permanent application designed to smooth and soften curly hair. It does not change the hair structure but instead smooths it for months of manageability and tamed tresses. When used in accordance with GK-compatible products, the results can last up to 5 months.

As the GK Hair System is free from formaldehyde, it is considered a safe treatment for smoother hair.

Visit The Blowout Doctor for Custom Hair Enhancement Solutions

The GK Hair System is available in multiple treatments depending on hair type and texture. With a professional evaluation performed by Valerie, our qualified salon professional, she can advise on the appropriate GK treatment.

Our hairstylist will determine your preferences and hair condition to advise on the appropriate salon-quality application.

It is important to discuss previous hair treatments and coloring, including the use of henna, which may compromise the result.

Trust Our Professional Stylists for Beautiful Hair

With Valerie, our clients receive unique hair care solutions. This includes the application of the GK Hair System and its suitability for your needs.

Contact Valerie to schedule your next appointment for hair care services you can trust.