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GK Deep Conditioning Treatment

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Global Keratin (GK) Deep Conditioning Treatment


Global Keratin (GK) has become a top-quality hair taming salon product range. Its combination of Juvexin, a hair smoothing ingredient, and nourishing qualities make hours of styling and haircare a thing of the past! With the GK deep conditioning treatment, you can have gorgeous hair for up to 5 weeks, no hassle, and no expensive maintenance.

Known as the world’s best hair taming system, GK works to beautify and protect your tresses, whether curly or straight, long, or short.


The treatment that has got stylists and customers abuzz at its incredible results was developed to smooth the hair strand creating softer, supple, and manageable hair. It is not considered a straightening treatment as the Brazilian but instead works with the natural wave or curl of your hair for a smoother result.

The GK deep conditioning treatment contains an exclusive formulation, including Keratin, to seal the hair strands and revitalize its condition. Available in different formulations, your salon stylist is sure to find the right hydrating solution unique to your haircare needs.


How Long will a Deep Conditioning Treatment Last?


Global Keratin containing Juvexin offers a keratin range that can moderately smooth and hydrate hair. By incorporating compatible GK products, the conditioning agent is washed out after 4 to 5 weeks.

If your hair is prone to frizz, tangles and damage owed to harsh chemical applications, then the Global Keratin conditioning treatment is just what you need.


Restore the Natural Beauty and Maintenance of Your Hair


GK has become the international hair product of choice because it helps restore and protect the beauty and condition of your tresses without exposure to harmful chemicals. When compared to alternative straightening where excessive heat and chemicals are applied, GK is considered kinder to the long-term condition of your locks. With a smoother texture nourished from root to tip, your hair will feel lighter and stronger.


Who Can Benefit from GK Treatments?


GK conditioning treatment is a compatible solution for all hair types. Curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin, you can benefit from haircare innovation like no other.

The versatility of the GK treatment helps hydrate your tresses from the inside out. It contains frizz leaving you with sleek hair and movability without weighing hair down.


The BlowOut Doctor is Specialized in GK Hair Treatments


Intensive conditioning by GK nourishes hair and manages its suppleness up to 5 weeks. The Blowout Doctor delivers the revitalizing treatment with spectacular results. Hair is shinier, silkier, and easier to maintain.

With her specialization and knowledge of the Global Keratin treatment, The BlowOut Doctor will advise on the best intensive conditioning solutions for your needs. Every treatment is applied with precision based on the requirements of your hair and overall manageability.


Get expert consultation


For frizz-free hair with impeccable results, schedule your next GK treatment right here. Your trusted Blowout Doctor will complete an expert consultation with compatible hair maintenance tips you can rely on.