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Full Head Highlights

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Professional Full Head Highlights


A full head highlight will color your whole head with lifted or lighter tones. Highlights can include a wide range of contrasting shades that are always lighter than the original shade of hair. The most popular shade of highlights is blonde; however, with today’s contemporary range of tones and smart salon blends, most shades can be lifted and lightened to accentuate the base color.

A uniform shade of hair is certainly gorgeous, but where it lacks dimension, highlights can add unique tones that complement and enhance your complexion and facial features.

With full head highlights, all sections of the hair covering the top to the ends will be treated with the necessary color lifting application.


Why Choose a Full Head of Highlights?


When you don’t want the maintenance of a drastic change in hair color but wish to transform your natural look, then a whole head of highlights is just the solution. It can include a bold and dramatic enhancement or a subtle improvement that will leave your locks glowing.

If you desire an uplifting change with a sun-kissed look, highlighting your hair is the perfect way to create an appeal of days spent under the summer sky. Platinum and honey to strawberry blonde and caramel are breath-taking shades that add brightness to monotone locks.

Depending on your preferences and the desired result, the Blowout Doctor will determine which color highlights will best complement your personality, style, and desired level of maintenance.


How Long Will It Take to Achieve Complete Highlights?


The time taken to create a full head highlights will depend on the length and texture of hair. It will also depend on whether you are applying bleach to dyed tresses or natural hair. The color will take faster on natural hair compared to previously treated tresses.


How Much Maintenance Will I Need?


The maintenance of your newly applied highlights will depend on the growth rate of your natural hair. The faster your hair growth, the more frequently you will need your highlights redone.


Choose the BlowOut Doctor for Impeccable Highlights


Valerie is the Blowout Doctor and can create the most spectacular full head highlights for short, long, curly, or straight hair. As an expert salon stylist, let her help you choose an enhancement to complement your personal style and your desire for a subtle or dramatic transformation.

From touching up your gorgeous highlights to adding complementary streaks to regrowth, Valerie can transform your tresses with precision and beauty.


How Much Does It Cost to Have a Full Head of Highlights?


In consultation with The Blowout Doctor, the cost for a full set of highlights will be determined. Longer hair requiring more product will be pricier than shorter and thinner hair.

For incredible highlights that are stylish and complementary, book your next hair consultation with Valerie, the one and only Blowout Doctor, for the best in a full set of highlights.